Adopting the structure of Enhanced Client /Server relational database, it is a management system with the function of registration, installation, prepayment, meter reading, charge statistic and overall inquiry fitted with all kinds of watt-hour meters including single phase and three-phase IC card or STS keypad prepayment meters, PLC meter, multi-tariff meter, multi-function meter, etc.

System Functions
1. Daily work
Include: Registration, Installation, Power Selling, Error-tolerance Selling, Reset for Selling, Amendment ( include basic file, power type, enlarge capacity, reissue card, meter replacing, cancel meter), Meter Reading, etc.
2. Meter Account
Include: Meter Account, Account Check, Account Receivable, Debit and Credit Transaction Book, Account Transfer.
3. Search
Include: Power Purchase Record, Meter File, Meter Reading Record, Checking, Amendment File, System Diary.
4. Report
Include: Daily Report, Monthly Report, Classified Report, Meter Reading Report.
5. System Setup
Parameters, Operator, Port Set, Power Type, Power Price, System Dictionary, Invoice Format, Preferential Price Sheet.

It is a new power-vending and power-purchasing system based on:
Internet – B/S Structure
Intranet (local) – C/S Structure
It completely solves the problem of fragmentary data and manages the clients’ data concentratively with analyses. It brings convenience, celerity and security to clients to buy electricity. It makes the clients to feel the convenience of “One card in hand ,buy power everywhere”.

1) Client Service Center is the WEB application based on IE.
2) Supply power-selling in many places
3) United management of vending Data
4) Security of Data Communication

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Integrated Prepayment & AMI System

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